Sagging skin?

This is how planet Mars helps us achieve firm skin

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Researchers have discovered a surprising remedy

The best inventions are usually made by chance. This is also the case here.


To find out if there could be life on Mars, NASA has built a research facility on the red-glowing Rio Tinto river in Spain.¹


This place resembles conditions on Mars and is called "Mars on Earth" because of the extremely mineral-rich and acidic soil.


Here, the soil is almost as acidic as hydrochloric acid, making life as we know it virtually impossible. However, when the extremely acidic soil samples were examined, a sensation occurred. Living microorganisms could actually be detected.


This also attracted the attention of other branches of research. Thus, research was conducted for medical purposes and the microorganisms were examined.


In dermatological tests on human skin, for example, a surprisingly positive effect was observed. The areas of skin that came into contact with the "Martian active ingredient" showed a tightened skin appearance.


This prompted the researchers to produce an ointment with the active ingredient for human skin.

How does the Mars active ingredient work?

Beauty sleep is not a myth. During sleep, the tissue regenerates and the skin regains its elasticity. It is different with lack of sleep.


Women who have suffered from sleep deprivation in your past or have poor sleep often complain of sagging skin.²


Those who now reach for classic anti-aging creams are quickly disappointed. Even if wrinkles appear finer for a short time due to the plumping effect, the skin remains saggy.


This is where the Mars active ingredient comes into play. This is suitable for restoring the skin's elasticity.


For this purpose, it should be applied overnight. When the skin recovers, the Mars active ingredient provides additional regeneration. Thus, the skin can be tightened overnight.

Who offers the Mars active ingredient?

Even if the USA is a leader in space research, the Germans can play a role in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. A German company can claim the Mars Salve ( exclusively for itself.


The company behind it is based in Frankfurt am Main and is one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the industry. “The Americans and Chinese are way ahead of us in many areas. We are accordingly proud of our company, with which we are setting new standards in the industry. ”, Says Mr. Ing. Evertz (Managing Director of Evertz Pharma GmbH).

The Mars Salve in the self-test

We were allowed to try the Mars Salve. It has a brown-red hue and a special fresh, slightly earthy smell, which is pleasant. The consistency is somewhat fluffy. It spreads well and is really absorbed by the skin.


After a few overnight applications, we noticed that our skin texture tightens. The skin feels firmer. Our readers Petra and Monika have also tested the Salve for several weeks and are surprised by the effect.


Petra reports about her sagging skin on her cheeks. "Not only have my wrinkles visibly reduced, my skin feels super firm. It's like food for the skin. I didn't expect such a result from a face cream."


According to Monika, the salve also had a positive effect: "Just like Petra, I can say that my skin has become firm and tight. My husband even said that my skin looks younger than I am. I feel very good with it, but I also know that it is pure luxury and a privilege to be able to try this rare ointment". 

Do you want to try it?

If you would like to test the MARS Salve, you can order it directly from the manufacturer at

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