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Hair loss? This home remedy helps


Researchers discover a surprising effect of basil

01/05/2022 Advertorial

Most women are familiar with this. You get older, you go through menopause and your own body changes - your hair is slowly becoming thinner and increasingly falling out. A feeling of powerlessness arises. Artificial hair restorers are used too quickly, although the cause is often not disease-related.

More and more women are using this method

Anyone who has already tried an artificial remedy may have noticed that headaches and palpitations can occur in addition to a dry and itchy scalp. Also, blood pressure can change or anemia can occur. Even changes in the lungs and other organs have been observed.1

All the better the news that researchers have now come across basil in the fight against non-disease-related hair loss.²

Why is the hair falling out?

Non-disease-related hair loss can have different causes. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause often play a role. But also a lack of nutrients due to an unbalanced diet or the use of medication such as blood pressure medication and stress can cause hair loss.

Often the function of the sebum glands on the scalp also decreases with age. This can result in the hair becoming dry and brittle. If you don't act in time, you may end up with very fine hair.

The accidental discovery of basil

While developing an anti-aging cream, researchers came across the hair loss-inhibiting effects of basil³. In a test group that was supposed to test a face cream based on basil, thicker eyebrows were observed by chance after a short time.

That caused a surprise among the researchers - and enthusiasm among the test subjects.

Based on this observation, the Rezilin basil extract hair treatment for scalp hair was developed within two years.

Shortly after the start of sales, the new hair treatment was already sold out in many pharmacies. A pharmacist reports that the hair treatment is very popular. One of his customers, who had already tried many remedies unsuccessfully, was able to save her hair with Rezilin.


Tests are convincing

Independent tests by DermaConsult and Dermatest have confirmed the tolerance of Rezilin with a very good test result. A total of 70 users tested the preparation. No incompatibilities or skin irritations were found.⁴´⁵

In addition, the biological ingredients of the hair treatment are a special quality feature. This makes the hair treatment particularly popular with health-conscious women.

The experiences of many enthusiastic women can be read on the Internet. One user wrote: "I use the Rezilin hair treatment in the evening before I go to sleep. It is visibly good for my hair. I now have a lot less hair in the brush." - Gabriela Hirschberg (name changed) - Source:

Applying the hair treatment

A bottle of Rezilin should last up to eight weeks with regular use. The hair treatment is applied to the scalp and hair several times a week. The overnight application has proven its worth. In this way, the basil extract can work optimally and inhibit hair loss *.

How much does it cost?

The original Rezilin hair treatment is only sold by the manufacturer and through pharmacies. The closest Rezilin is directly to the manufacturer.

If you want to test Rezilin, you can order the hair treatment directly from the manufacturer in the online shop on account and receive a 60-day money-back guarantee in addition to the manufacturer's discount:

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[2] = In-Vitro study of a potent hairy roots extract from basil by Vivacell Biotechnology GmbH
[3] = a potent hairy-roots extract out of basil

[4] = Clinical application study under dermatological control and determination of hair loss by combing, 20 test persons with hair loss, dermatest Research Institute, 2019
[5] = Determination of any skin-irritating effects by means of a patch test on humans (cosmetic study), Derma Consult GmbH, 2018
* For hair loss that is not due to illness. Results can vary from person to person.
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